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read this before considering a pup



Non smoking homes only.  2nd hand smoke can lead to respiratory problems in this breed. 

We do not ship puppies. We prefer to meet with the new owners.


Pet pups are sold on limited registration-not for breeding.  We prefer to sell to pet homes.

Show potential pups are sold on a co-ownership only. This is to protect the dogs from being used solely for breeding.

You must have an air conditioned home for the bulldogs. Bulldogs are limited in their ability to handle the heat.

Pups are sold with the understanding that the Hurricane name will be the first part of the dogs registered name.

Do your research before considering a bulldog. Bulldogs  have certain health limitations and are  not suited for every home.

It's very important that owners are willing to take their bully to a "bulldog vet". Which will often mean traveling some distance.

Go to this link and read about some of the common health issues. This is written by my vets at Beechwold Vet Hospital/Canine Semen Bank of Columbus. Scroll part way down to get to the bulldog info:


Another great site about bulldog health issues and a must read:  http://www.bulldogrescue.co.uk/health.htm